Major Drug Manufacturer Voluntarily Recalls Generic Drug

Drug Recall'> Actavis Totowa, a major generic drug manufacturer, is voluntarily recalling all products manufactured at its Little Falls, New Jersey plant. The recall comes after a FDA inspection that found the manufacturing standards were not up to FDA or Actavis standards.</p><p>The following are the prescribed medications affected by the recall:</p><ul><li>Amantadine 100mg capsules</li><li>Meperidine & Promethazine capsules</li><li>Amibid DM ER tablets</li><li>Meperidine HCl 100 mg and 50 mg tablets</li><li>Amibid DM tablets</li><li>Methenamine Mandelate 0.5 g and 1.0 g tablets</li><li>Amidrine capsules</li><li>Mirtazapine 15 mg, 30 mg, and 45 mg tablets</li><li>Amigesic 500 mg caplets and 750 mg caplets</li><li>Mirtazapine OD tablets, 15 mg, 30 mg and 45 mg</li><li>Amitex PSE tablets</li><li>Multi-ret Folic 500 mg tablets</li><li>Bellamine S tablets</li><li>Multi-vita-bets 0.5 mg and 1.0 mg FL & FE tablets</li><li>Betaxolol 10 mg and 20 mg tablets USP</li><li>Multi-vita-bets 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg and 1 mg FL tablets</li><li>Buspirone HCL 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg and 30mg tablets</li><li>Naltrexone 50mg tablets</li><li>Carisoprodol & Aspirin tablets</li><li>Oxycodone & Acetaminophen 5/500mg capsules</li><li>Carisoprodol, Aspirin & Codeine tablets</li><li>Oxycodone HCl 5 mg, 15 mg and 30 mg tablets</li><li>Carisoprodol 350mg tablets</li><li>Oxycodone HCl 5 mg capsules</li><li>Chlordiazepoxide w/ Clidinium Bromide capsules</li><li>Pentazocine & Acetaminophen tablets</li><li>Chlorzoxazone 250mg</li><li>Pentazocine & Naloxone tablets</li><li>Cilostazol tablets 100mg</li><li>Phenazopyridine HCl 100 mg and 200 mg tablets</li><li>Choline Magnesium Trisalicylate 500 mg, 750 mg and 1000 mg tablets</li><li>Phendimetrazine Tartrate 35mg tablets</li><li>Cyclobenzaprine HCL 5 mg and 10 mg</li><li>Phentermine HCl 37.5 mg tablets</li><li>Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate 4 mg and 6 mg tablets</li><li>Phentermine HCl 15 mg, 30 mg and 37.5 mg capsules</li><li>Dipyridamole 25 mg, 50mg, and 75 mg tablets</li><li>Prenatal Formula 3 tablets</li><li>Glyburide 1.5 mg, 3.0 mg and 6.0 mg tablets</li><li>Prenatal Plus 27 mg FE tablets</li><li>Guaifenesin & Codeine Phosphate tablets</li><li>Prenatal Rx tablets</li><li>Guaifenesin & Phenylephrine tablets</li><li>Quinaretic 10mg/12.5mg, 20 mg/12.5 mg and 20 mg/25 mg tablets</li><li>Guanfacine 1.0 mg and 2.0 mg HCl tablets</li><li>Rifampin 300mg capsules</li><li>Hydrocodone & Homatropine tablets</li><li>Sodium FL 0.5 mg and 1.0 mg tablets</li><li>Hydromorphone HCl tablets</li><li>Tizanidine HCl 2 mg and 4 mg tablets</li><li>Hydroxyzine 10 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg tablets</li><li>Trimethobenzamide 300mg capsules</li><li>Hyoscyamine Sulfate 0.125 mg SL</li><li>Trimipramine Maleate 25mg, 50mg, 100mg capsules</li><li>Hyoscyamine Sulfate 0.375mg SR tablets</li><li>Trivita 1 mg FL tablets</li><li>Hyoscyamine Sulfate 0.125 mg (oral) tablets</li><li>Ursodiol capsules, 300mg</li><li>Isradipine 2.5 mg and 5 mg capsules</li><li>Vitacon Forte capsules</li><li>Loxapine 5 mg, 10 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg capsules</li><li>Vitaplex Plus tablets</li><li>Meclizine Chewable 25 mg tablets</li><li>Vitaplex tablets (FC)</li><li>Meloxicam 7.5 mg and 15 mg tablets</li><li>Yohimbine HCl 5.4 mg tablets</li></ul><p>If you have been prescribed any of the drugs mentioned in the recall, do not stop taking your medication as prescribed, but do talk to your doctor or pharmacy about replacement medications.</p><p>If you or someone you know has been harmed by any of the above drugs, please <a href=contact us today to speak with an experienced attorney who will enable you or a loved one to seek compensation.