Medical, Pharmaceutical and Device Litigation

medical malpractice The lawyers at MacDonald Rothweiler Eisenberg LLP are highly experienced in the forensic evaluation, preparation and actual courtroom trial of complex, life-altering injury and/or wrongful death litigation that arises in the context of medical or scientific departures from the standard of professional care. Some of the largest medical malpractice recoveries--by verdict and by settlement--obtained during the past decade in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and in other jurisdictions in which the firm practices have been in behalf of families and individuals represented by our lawyers. The firms experience in this area is extensive and recognized frequently by other members of the legal profession who ask that our partners undertake, as co-counsel or as sole counsel. the trial of serious injury, medically complicated cases. The firm's reputation for excellence and medical sophistication is such that it has access to a wide cross section of highly credentialed, Academic Medical Center based physicians, medical school professors and other respected scientifically oriented experts from across the country who oversee the candid, meticulous evaluation of the underlying medical merits of every case we evaluate on behalf of our clients. The firm's roots in and commitment to this specialized area of practice is measured in decades and the achievement by our lawyers ranks at the highest levels of the trial bar in the cities and States in which we practice. If you wish lawyers in the firm to review or discuss a case involving medical or scientific issues, you can contact us by clicking on the indicated icon that is listed above.

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