Verdicts and Settlements

$18.66 Million - $18.66 Million Med-Mal Judgment Upheld.

$15 Million - Philadelphia Jury Awards $15 Million For Medical Negligence to Child.

$11 Million - Verdict in Malpractice.

$5.5 Million - Roger Jones v. Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Settled.

$4.1 Million - $4.1 Million Settles Suit Over Pick-Up's Crash with UPS Semi.

$3.8 Million - Arbitrator Awards $3.8 Million in Car-Truck Accident.

$3 Million - $3 Mil. Awarded in All-Terrain Vehicle Accident Case.

$3 Million - $3 Million Verdict in Unsupervised Epilepsy patient who fell in Hospital Bathroom

$2.5 Million - Young Woman dies in Motor Vehicle Accident Due to Defect in Automobile.

$2.45 Million - Failure to Monitor Blood Pressure Causes Death, Costs Holy Redeemer $2.45 Million.

$2 Million - $2 Mil. Wrongful Death Verdict

$1.8 Million - Jury Awards Zeldin $1.8 Million in slip and fall case.

$1.25 Million - Jury Awards $1.25 Million in Case man injured on the job by a fork lift.

$1.25 Million - Jury Awards $1.25 Million in Case of Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer

$1 Million - Trailer Unloading Case Settles for more than $1 Million.

Confidential - 7-figure Settlement, 55-year-old dies infected Stage IV pressure ulcer.

Confidential - Multi-million Settlement, Stowers, et al. v. Daimler Chrysler Corp. et al.

Confidential - Multi-million Settlement, Child Suffered Spinal Cord Injury Following Scoliosis Surgery.

Confidential - Settlement, Client's Vocal Cords Paralyzed.

$825,000 - $825,000 Verdict Awarded to Woman for Damaged Voice.

$750,000 Verdict In Suit Alleging Failure to Diagnose Brain Bleed.

$600,000 - Man's Constant Tooth Pain Enough To Uphold $600K Verdict, Judge Says.

Jury Awards $175,000 in Medical Malpractice Case.

Settled - Cancer Victim's Family Settles Out of Court.

Settled - Medical Malpractice Case Settled in Montgomery County for a Confidential Amount.

PPCIGA Ruling - Pleas Judge: Can't Withhold Settlement Until Similar Case is Decided.

Samaritan Ruling - Good Samaritan Laws Apply to Homeowners, Court Rules.

Verdict In Favor - ER Attorneys Win Medical Malpractice Trial for Stroke Victim.